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  Importing Audio Loops

If our Preferences are properly set, we can start to import various audio samples and have them automatically warped and looped. This allows us to quickly get several musical elements playing in sync with the project tempo. We just have to make sure that if we want to play multiple clips at a time, they are placed on different audio tracks.

Michael Barraza
Word. Beginning to ponder the possibilities. Onto the next vid. Cheers!
Just a wee bit too fast for me. Also, what would be easier, is to use clips supplied by Ableton in the 'Suite' package.
Armin Begic
I can't thank you enough!
I've seen many tutorials for different DAWs, but you are by far the best teacher and I really appreciate your effort.
It's crazy, the amount of material there is in there ! Is there a limit in in length of time given for completion of this course ?
Stephen Fegely (Abraxas)
A voice that thunder doth envy.
Stephen Fegely (Abraxas)
Cool :)
Matthew Toledo
This is extremely helpful if you need assistance with inspiration for some creativity. Thanks Thavius