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  What is Warping?

Ableton Live has many tricks up its figurative sleeves, and one of the most fundamental aspects of how it functions is the Warp feature. When audio clips are properly warped, they will adhere to our projects master tempo, regardless of the original tempo of the audio material. This allows us to combine clips of completely different tempos and have them play in sync, but that is just scratching the surface...

Excellent tutorial, good job. I am enrolled in 4 courses for now, after finishing them gonna enroll in more.

keep up a good job !
Jane Belleau
This was so helpful!!!! I didn't realize how cool warping was until I learned in this manner what it can avail me.
Thank you!
Ambir Singh
Sir this is just super ultra amazing thing...
time warp/// seems like time talk
Mark Tondi
Is it me, or is video playback very fuzzy?
Patrick Felder
Videos will automatically buffer to a quality that's supported by your internet speed. The videos can be shown up to 1080p, so if you have decently quick internet click the gear in the lower-right corner of your screen and manually set the resolution to your preference. Hope this helps!
Mark Tondi
Sometimes the video (at least for me) comes up without the settings icon available. I had to right click > switch to HTML5. That solved the problem of the fuzzy video playback.

These tutorials are FANTASTIC btw. Thanks!
Mark Tondi
Thanks! That helped.
Zach Smith
Very helpful and easy to follow.
john hajdar
What he said. watch at least twice.
Nick Phillips
Great tutorial on warping, a must watch.