Music Theory for Electronic Musicians

Master the fundamentals of music theory and create better music faster

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This course is designed to give students who are new to music composition and songwriting some fundamental tools to help write songs in a musical way. Throughout the course you will learn note names, accidentals, how frequency corresponds to pitch, the difference between major and minor scales, note intervals, basic chords and inversions, and basic chord progressions. By the end of the course, you will be able to incorporate the concepts into your own work, and write your own chord progressions in whatever key you choose.

Lesson 1 – Note Names
- Introduction to notes and keys
- Demonstration of using notes C to an octave above C and adding them to a MIDI clip
- Using a MIDI clip to understand harmonic notes, half steps, and semitones
- Octaves and the frequency of each note

Lesson 2 – Major and Minor scales
- Understanding the C-major scale
- Intervals between notes in the scale
- Demonstration of drawing in notes A to an octave above A in a blank MIDI clip
- Introduction of minor scale and using note intervals

Lesson 3 – Chords and Inversions
- Discovering chords
- Introduction to major and minor triads
- Example of MIDI clip with a major scale to generate a major triad
- Understanding the note intervals in a major triad and benefits of knowing these
- Example of C-major 7th chord
- Review A-minor scale and make an A-minor triad and an A-minor 7th chord
- Understanding the note intervals in an A-minor triad
- Demonstration of root note and inversions

Lesson 4 – Number System for Chord Progressions
- Understanding the number system for chord progressions
- Introduction to scale degree which corresponds to a number system
- Using roman numerals and understanding their meaning
- Knowing the notation to create popular chord progressions and creating your own

Lesson 5 – Common Chord Progressions
- Discovering chord progressions and its benefits
- C-major chord progression in MIDI clip to create 2 bar chord progression
- Using chord progressions in any key and using the roman numeral system

Lesson 6 - Recording/Drawing chords and melodies in Ableton
- Draw in chords and chord progressions into MIDI clips
- Creating patterns using root notes
- Creating a melody that compliments root notes
- Benefits of understanding the foundations of music theory

Your Instructor

Thavius Beck
Thavius Beck

Thavius Beck is an electronic musician, producer and performer that's worked with countless musicians including Nine Inch Nails, Skylar Grey, Saul Williams, The Mars Volta and many more. Thavius is an Ableton Live Certified Trainer and has instructed hundreds of Live students through teaching courses at several music institutes, giving one-on-one lessons and holding dozens of Ableton Live workshops throughout the country.

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