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Cali Funk Wave

Make This Track Your Own: Unlimited License

We've teamed up with some of the world's most talented producers to bring you licensable tracks and stems. When you buy a licensable track from Noiselab, you're purchasing an unlimited-use license and you're free to edit, remix, add vocals/samples/melodies, use for video/tv/film/podcast, and/or publish the track under your own artist or producer name and brand.

What You Can Do With This Track + Stems License:

Record your own vocals/acapellas, melodies, etc.
Release on all streaming services under your own artist name or brand.
Edit, remix, or adapt the track in any way you see fit.
Perform with the track live or use it in a DJ set.
Use in scoring for film, tv, commercial or other sync needs.
Play as background music in podcasts or live streaming events.

Meet Your New Producer: Noiselab Collective

This is the first of many upcoming licensable track releases from Noiselab Collective, a team of world-class producers, sound designers, and audio engineers who work with major label recording artists in Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta. Noiselab Collective is providing you with top shelf productions and compositions that would typically command larger producer fees, at a fraction of the cost.

Streamline your creative process: If you're an artist, vocalist, producer, or music supervisor, you can leverage any of our licensable tracks to enhance your own productions.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Press play above and listen to preview the licensable track and its stems.
Step 2. If you'd like to use the track, purchase the license.

Step 3. Download the full mix and individual stem files of the track and start using them in your own projects immediately.

License the Track Only

If you don't need full access to the individual parts or stems, you can save money and purchase a license for the track without the stems here.


  Licensable Track + Stems - Cali Funk Wave
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly am I getting with this purchase?
With this purchase you will receive a compressed (.zip) file to download which contains a high-fidelity stereo wave (.wav) file along with a license to use the file. If you purchase the track + stems version, the download will also include stem files (individual files for drum parts, bass parts, synth parts, guitar parts, etc. in .wav format) giving you deeper access to the components of the track for editing, remixing, adapting, etc. These files can be used in your compositions, productions, and arrangements in any way you please, so long as your usage is in accordance with the license terms.
How do licensable tracks work?
Noiselab has teamed up with world class producers trusted by major labels to provide you with high-end instrumentals, compositions, beats, known as "licensable tracks" - all at a fraction of the cost of typical music producer fees. You can purchase a license to use these tracks in your own projects, whether you'd like to add your own vocals or acapellas, re-arrange or remix, perform live, or use as music for film, tv, podcasts, etc.

Once you purchase a license and create a song, you can upload the finished song to all streaming platforms, including YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc. under your own artist name. That said, you cannot upload the original licensable track as it is, on its own, to any streaming platforms. You must add vocals and create a song out of the instrumental, edit/remix/rearrange it, unless you are using it for background music for a video on YouTube (e.g. gaming, tutorials, vlogs, etc.) or for tv/film/podcasting. You cannot resell the instrumental as it is. You can read the full terms of Noiselab's licensable tracks here.
What if I am unhappy with the licensable track or stems or do not use the files after all?
We only offer high-quality content and stand behind every licensable track that we make available. Since these are downloadable wave files, all sales are final and non-refundable. You can click the play buttons above to get a sense for the style and quality of each licensable track or stem file. If you have any issues, never hesitate to contact us at Noiselab - we'll do what we can to make it right.
Can I monetize my song? Do I owe any royalties?
Yes, we encourage you to monetize any of your songs or creations that make use of this licensable track or its stems! No, you are not required to pay any royalties for using this track. Once you incorporate the licensable track into your own material, you can publish it on all streaming platforms under your own artist or brand name. Best of all, you do not have to create any publishing splits and you are not responsible for paying back any royalties to Noiselab Collective or the original copyright owners for using the track.

Keep in mind, some licensable tracks may be entered into the ContentID system at YouTube, in which case YouTube may automatically reserve some of its ad revenue for the original copyright owners. This is a way of providing the original track's creators or copyright owners some relatively small recompense if the track is used or duplicated frequently on YouTube.
Can others buy and use this track?
Yes. One of the advantages of buying + selling track licenses online is the low cost. Rather than only sell tracks exclusively for larger sums of money, producers essentially "lease" the tracks at lower prices, meaning customers get great prices, and producers can still earn a living.

This means that if you're licensing a track, others will have a chance to license the track as well. This is very common in the music industry, right up to top artists, and is nothing to worry about. Ultimately, how well a song performs on streaming services, social media, or other platforms depends on the final composition and how well it resonates with listeners. Whether or not another person uses the same sample, loops, or licensable track is not an impediment for your content's success. In the case of licensable tracks on Noiselab, you can think of it as a legal way to sample music, where the copyright holder is offering you an opportunity, by granting you a license, to use this material so that you can build upon professional-level productions as you make your next masterpiece and release it to the world.

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